We provide expertise for your WLP and bumping projects:

Wafer-Bumping can help you meet your fabrication challenges with a unique combination in thin film, polymers materials and process expertise. We provide services for all aspects of flip-chip and wafer-level packaging:

Flip chips are now 40 years old, yet challenges remain in bumping wafers: bumping cost is still high, and some facilities have low yields poor reliability. The reasons for these problems are seldom due to a single factor. Equipment unsuited to the task, inapropriate processing, poorly chosen materials or unreliable polymers can all contribute to recurring difficulties.

Selecting a Bumping Vendor

Wafer-Bumping can help you select a vendor. Our test patterns provide a mean to assess and qualify processes and reliability, to evaluate the stability of manufacturing and the reliability of parts produced by different sources. The combination of our test patterns and PCB allows to cosider all supply sources wirh the same criteria. The mask sets pinpoint the tolerances that can be expected from a specific source. Consistency of production can be obtained by securing wafers from different process lots.

Design and Layout of Interconnect

Developing a flip-chip based product involves a combination of design, materials selection and manufacturing know-how. We can help you control the parasitic capacitance and impedance of transmission lines. We have the software and computer tools to layout the physical mask databases and we can guide you go through the mask fabrication. We are able to accommodate any of the design rules imposed by your bumping house.

Design of Bumping Process

Wafer-Bumping can provide its knowledge of equipment, processes and materials to speed-up your advanced packaging process design. We can make the difference between functional and trouble-free manufacturing and recurring poorly identified problems. The process that Wafer-Bumping can help you design will rely on stable materials and well characterized fabrication steps.We can help you meet your schedule in lauching new flip-chipped semiconductor products. We understand the back-end of the wafer manufacturing process and can guide your staff. By taking advantage of our expertise in bumping and testing WLP, you can avoid costly delays in product introduction.

Troubleshoot Fabrication Issues

We can speed identification of fabrication issues because we have experience solving most of the difficulties that can occur during fabrication. We can help you identify the root cause of the defects. We have dealt with many analytical lab techniques and we can identify correctly the sources of difficulties, such as equipment malfunction, material failure, operator errors or marginal process.

Troubleshoot Reliability Failures

We have used many polymers and know their failure modes. We have expertise in thin film metallurgy and deposition methods. We know their potential sources of problems. We can assist you distinguish between random failures and process rooted difficulties.

Select Fab Equipment

We must keep in mind that the requirements of WLP equipment are not the same than those of semiconductor manufacturing. Because of the cost involved, poor choices can haunt your manufacturing for years. Take advantage of Wafer-Bumping experience with thin film equipment to guide your choice.