Custom Physical Layout

We can produce layout databases for your bumping, WLP or other thin film requirements, quickly and at competitive prices. Our software outputs standard GDSII format. Although we do not recommend it, we could output the database, in CIF format for special situations. We have no restriction on design size. The digitizing resolution we most frequently use is 100 nm which is usually more than adequate for WLP.

To produce a physical layout, we need to collect specific information on the desired interconnect, the netlist, and the design rules that you require. We can accommodate any design rule, as long as you provide us with the constraints that you wish to apply to the manufacturing process. The constraints dictated by electrical performance, reliability or process can be minimum metal width, minimum spacing between tracks for fabrication or cross-talk requirements, or any other restriction you wish to impose.

We can supply the GDSII database to our mask house or use the supplier of your choice. The databases are transmitted electronically through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SMTP (ordinary e-mail)