Bumping and WLP Materials Manufacturers

Masks Maker

Mikcell, The Mask company
Mikcell is an ISO 9001:2000 certified mask shop specializing in the fabrication of large area hard surface chrome photomasks. Mikcell is located in Northern Finland near the Oulu Technology Park and airport. Mikcell strive to service you worldwide as quickly as your local supplier.

Image Technology
Since 1963, Image Technology has been a supplier of precision photomasks. Image Technology Inc. manufactures photomasks in sizes suitable for 100mm to 300mm wafers (from 4” up to 14” square) for advanced packaging. The masks can have minimum features of 2 microns defined on a minimum grid size of 50nm


HD Microsystems
HD Microsystems is a joint enterprise of DuPont and Hitachi Chemicals. DuPont de Nemours is the oldest polyimide manufacturer and the largest supplier. Hitachi is the oldest semiconductor manufacturer to use PIQ (Poly-Isoindolo-Quinazolinedione) as inner dielectric in wafers before to become a manufacturer and a major supplier of PIQ and polyimides to the microelectronics industry. HD Microsystems offers the largest array of specialized application polyimides. The range of materials encompasses from polyimic acids, patterned by dry-etch, to the newest positive-acting photo-definable materials, developable with the same TMAH aqueous solutions used to develop conventional positive photoresist.

Asahi Kasei Electronics Materials Division
Formerly known as Asahi Chemical Industry Company. Through a partnership with Asahi Kasei, AZ Electronic Materials, acquired by The Carlyle Group from Clariant, markets PIMEL brand of photo-imageable polyimides available in the United States.

Arch Chemicals
Arch supplies several polyimides worldwide. The range of polymer products produced by Arch includes both photosensitive and non-photosensitive materials. The Durimide® products are supplied as pre-imidized polyamide-imides or polyamic acids. The photosensitive product line includes negative-acting solvent developable polyimide precursors and the new positive Durimide® 9005 patterned using aqueous based positive resist developers.


AZ Electronic Materials

The Carlisle Group completed the acquisition of from Clariant in Oct. 2004. AZ Electronic Materials is a supplier of a wide variety of products for the semiconductor, electronic packaging, flat panel display, and recording head industries. AZ Electronic Materials photoresists originated with the German Hoechst Group. It now develops, manufactures, and markets AZ photoresists, antireflective coatings, polymer dielectrics and ancillary chemicals. Thick photoresists are available for plating.

Rohm & Haas
Shipley Company, L.L.C. is a subsidiary of Rohm and Haas Company since 1992. Shipley supplies traditional markets of printed wiring board plating and imaging materials, microelectronic photoresists and associated chemicals, and plating chemicals used in the plating on plastics, decorative coatings, and metal finishing industries.


JSR is a supplier of photo resist for semiconductor. Designed for wafer bumping and wafer level packaging, JSR supplies thick film photo-resists "THB series".

Arch Chemicals

Arch is the leading supplier of advanced photoresists in Europe and the second largest supplier in North America. A photoresist, called TISTM 2000, is a dual wavelength resist said to surpass any technology currently available



Dynaloy is the premier supplier of photoresist stripping and wafer cleaning chemistries to the advanced packaging industry. These highly engineered chemistries are designed to not damage or attack metals or passivations on the wafer, especially in the removal of thick plating resists, resists that have been baked at high temperatures, or resists for fine-line plating.

Plating Chemicals


Technic has been providing chemistry for electroplating applications for over 50 years. The manufacturing plant is ISO 9002 certified and supplies chemicals to over 1,000 plating customer in the U.S.Technic has a vast number of chemical products of electroplating and electroless chemistry.

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