Fab Equipment Manufacturers


With more than 35 years of experience in equipment design and manufacture and over 10 years of experience in Advanced Packaging Suss MicroTec is today the leader for specialized lithography equipment for packaging applications. Suss MicroTec product offerings include coating and development systems as well as mask aligners.


Unaxis Semiconductors Profile

Unaxis Semiconductors, a division of Unaxis, offers a comprehensive range of innovative thin film production solutions for the Advanced Silicon (Si and SiGe applications, as well as Photomask technologies), Advanced Packaging (all thin film wafer level packaging technologies) and Compound Semi & Microtechnology (high frequency, optical and non-silicon based technologies, and MEMS) markets.

Process technologies include PVD, PECVD, UHV-CVD, LEPC, LEPECVD, etching (ICP, RIE, HDP) and RTP. Global Support is provided through two technology centers and over 40 sales, service and spare parts centers.

First Derivative Systems


Semitool is a worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacture, and support of high performance wet chemical processing equipment for use in the fabrication of semiconductor devices.

Processing Tools

Service Support Specialties

S-Cubed (S3) Provides Value Engineered Process Systems to the Semiconductor and Allied Industries. S3 to offer new equipment at costs that often are lower than used or rebuilt equipment while offering superior process capability, reliability and new equipment warranty.

Plasma Etching

Tegal Corporation designs and builds two families of advanced plasma etch tools for a wide range of process applications. These systems are widely used by semiconductor and related electronic device manufacturers for less demanding applications where value and performance are key.


Adept Technology, Inc.
Adept provides a complete automation solution for semiconductor manufacturers. Adept’ product lines include robots, controllers, and software products. Their products are used for small parts assembly, material handling, ultra-precision process applications, machine vision systems and software, application software, and simulation software.

TruSi Technologies
Tru-Si's NoTouchTM Transfer Station enables the automatic loading and unloading of wafer cassettes and wafer stacking pods. Silicon, GaAs, InP, and other similar material can all be handled within the same unit. Tru-Si's robot end effectors and hand-held wands enable handling of flexible ultra-thin Silicon, GaAs, InP wafers.



A supplier of industry standard capacitance meters, featuring a 1pF full-scale range, and rf milli-voltmeters. Because of their sensitivity, the capacitance meters have been a long time favorites of semiconductor labs for measuring capacitance-voltage curves of MOS devices, interconnect capacitance or MIS microstrip decoupling capacitors.


Flip-Chip Bonder


SUSS offers the most accurate and versatile flip-chip bonders and device bonders commercially available. Suss-Microtec complete line of precision device bonder is coupled to extensive after-sales service capabilities.


Analytical Lab


Used Equipment

The Big List You must visit this site if you are looking for used equipment -

Run by Steve J. Noll, a dedicated used equipment dealer hunter. You will find on this site the most comprehensive list on the net of used equipment vendors carrying semiconductor production, optical, laboratory, analytical, and other high tech equipment. Traditional test equipment dealers (oscilloscopes, meters, spectrum analyzers, environmental chambers, etc.,) are also listed in the test equipment sections.

Equipment for Technology and Science ETS

The preowned equipment ETS has available includes metrology, optical inspection, and microelectronic fabrication equipment for the semiconductor, nanotechnology/MEMS, photonics, flat panel, and memory disk industries as well as equipment for general research and development.

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